General FAQ

Go to teacherconnect.into.ie and select Temporary Reassignment or Job Sharer. Then click ‘GO’. Choose ‘Register’, ‘Register as Teacher/School’, and then login with your INTO credentials
TeacherConnect is only open to INTO members. If you already created a login for the INTO website this is the username and password, you need to login. If you have not yet created a login for the INTO website, please create this in the first instance https://members-roi.into.ie/Site-Access/Registration.
If you no longer wish to use TeacherConnect please log into your account and choose ‘Edit Profile’ and then ‘Deactivate My Account’. This will result in your adverts no longer appearing.
Your account may be reactivated if you wish to use TeacherConnect again in the future. To reactivate your account please contact teacherconnect@into.ie and request a reactivation. Please remember to include your name and email address. TeacherConnect admin will then reactivate your account. Please note all deactivated accounts are permanently deleted in August annually.
The Temporary Reassignment Register is designed to help INTO members organise a temporary exchange from one to school to another for the duration of the school year. Here is how it works: Teachers register their advert on Teacher Connect stating the general area their base school is located and where in the country they are seeking a temporary relocation. All INTO members will be able to search the register for a suitable position.
The Job Share Register is an INTO service for members designed to facilitate inter-school job sharing between teachers who are employed in one school, but who wish to job share with a teacher in another school. Here’s how it works: Teachers who are seeking job sharing partners can register their details and place an advert on Teacher Connect stating whether they’re seeking a job share partner for their own school or a different school. All INTO members will be able to search the register for a suitable partner. Please note that part-time “replacement teacher” posts must be advertised in the normal way, in accordance with Circular 44/19, and not on this register.
Following a review of the INTO TeacherConnect service by the Central Executive Committee (CEC), a decision was made at the August meeting to cease the INTO SubSearch service with effect from Friday 2 September 2022. This is due to the low level of usage of the SubSearch service.


TeacherConnect is only open to INTO members and now requires the same login username and password used to access www.into.ie.
Profile Update - Your Contact Phone Information:
  • Click on ‘My Profile’
  • Click the Edit Profile button in the sidebar.
  • Enter your contact phone number (eg +353861234567)
  • Click [Save Profile]

Version number 02 September 2022